How mindfulness will make you 1% happier by each day

Everything we experience in this world goes through one filter — our minds — yet we spend very little time bothering to see how it works.

Many people assume they must be paranoid and take stress if they want to be in the game. Most of the time they overthink the outcomes rather than the process on which they have full control and put themselves in a demanding situation.

After starting working on our shortcomings, most of the improvements make very little difference, and that’s fine. As transformation is an arduous process and takes the long road for sustainable development. Just because we can’t see the small change that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Each step count for a journey towards the end goal. The key to happiness is to realize and understand the importance of marginal gains.

“I’m thinking: Yes, right—there is a point to sitting around all day with your eyes closed: to gain some control over the mind, to see through the forces that drive us—and drive us nuts.”

Dan Harris, 10 % Happier – New York times best seller book

Mindfulness seems to be about awareness of the self. You recognize and acknowledge the things going on around you and the emotions you are feeling. Rather than let the emotions drive everything. Mindfulness represents an alternative to living reactively. Being Mindful doesn’t change the issues throughout your life, but it encourages you to respond to your problems instead of reacting to them. Mindfulness encourages you to understand that striving for excellence is fine as long as you understand that the result is beyond your control.

We have 3 habitual responses to everything we experience:

1) We want it. Delicious Food: I want

2) We reject it. Any negative feedback: I reject.

3) We zone out. The safety instructions the flight attendants read aloud on an airplane: I zone out.

Mindfulness is the “FOURTH” response, which involves your current state of mind (the active mind) without any emotional response about it.

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How does our mind function? Many of you must be interested to know the science behind it or have multiple questions now. Like —

How can we experience mindfulness?

Is there any scientific method to achieve it?

After understanding, how can we sustain it?

Well, the question may be many but the answer is one – MEDITATION.

How to meditate: sit somewhere comfortable, keep a straight spine, focus on a spot, and bring your focus back to your breath whenever you lose it.

It will help you to shut down your monkey mind by practicing it more often and gradually you will experience a state of mindfulness.

Meditation will make you more resilient, but it is not a “cure-all” that fixes your problems or relieves all stress in your life.

If you want to achieve heights in your career, have a wonderful personal life, and have a sense of compassion start practicing meditation on a daily basis. Stay in the moment, you’ll enjoy spontaneous actions, which supposedly be intuitive, creative, and visionary which is hard for a normal human being.

“Mindfulness is like the superpower which is inside us and still unexplored, but you can experience this state by doing meditation.”

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Author – Gulshan Memoria

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