For Extraordinary Life, You Must Find Extraordinary Answers

The Focusing Question is, Are you really looking forward to finding “THE EXTRAORDINARY” in you or in your life?

If the answer is a BIG “YES”, then I must welcome you to start a journey with me on this uncharted path to becoming LIMITLESS… Which I am sure you will get the understanding once you will start living this life.

When we discuss the extraordinary life, it doesn’t mean to go after something fiction-related concept or a dreamy object. It simply means, to explore the hidden potential in you and achieve everything in your life which you always wanted to achieve, but due to some roadblock, you were not able to access that hidden wealth.


The first thing, which you should start doing hereon is to ask what you want in your life (Here I am referring to the bigger aspect of your life, not just day-to-day things), then drill down to the next step where you must ask what you must to get them. 

It’s really a quite simple process, as it seems, but sometimes it takes ages to get to this process and actually start doing it. 

When you ask great, and meaningful questions then you will definitely seek an extraordinary answer by various means. So in just two steps, you will get what you want most in your life. Its simply and purely a “SUCCESS HABIT”

It reminds me of a quote

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

F. M.  Alexander

We are nothing but an amalgamation of our daily habits. If we consciously choose good habits and follow that path for a longer duration of time, definitely we will taste success or achieve our goals in a defined time.

Being the productivity coach, If one thing I can take suggest you is to focus on your habits, just take a notepad and write down everyone which you do on daily basis – You will be amazed to see how an A4 size paper can let you know everything about your life where your heading and what you will achieve in near future.

It will also help you to integrate your life which exactly sinks with your goals by focusing on productive habits.

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Author – Gulshan Memoria

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