EV Startup Emotorad Brings Premium Quality Electric Cycles At An Affordable Price In The Global Market 

EMotorad (Inkodop Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is a company that ventures into Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs are the future of mobility, with the Indian EV market yet to reach its full potential, many upcoming EV startups in the country have been developing smart mobility solutions. One of the latest entrants in the sector is Pune-based e-cycle startup EMotorad (EM). Electric bikes have already set a prominent footprint in the states of 

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • West Bengal
  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu and 
  • Maharashtra

Let us know about EMotorad a bit more.

Founder and Co-founders of the company

The company was founded by 4 experienced personas in 2020. 

1) Rajib Gangopadhyay MD & Founder – Rajib is a manufacturing enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of Mobility and Electric Vehicles for 7 years. Rajib’s International exposure and Leadership are two major boosters of the organization. 

2) Kunal Gupta CEO & Co-founder – EM is led by Kunal Gupta, who has been in the automobile industry for the past nine years. His management and business intelligence is the key to setting up this organization from ground zero

3) Aditya Oza CMO & Co-founder – Aditya holds the post of CMO. His passion and speed make him a marketing powerhouse. Aditya excelled in execution, working for top players in various industries during his time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

4) Sumedh Battewar CBO & Co-founder – Sumedh heads the business development wing at EM. An engineering mind with marketing and sales experience leading IoT and EV products for the past 5+ years, he brings his relentless passion to perfectly complement his drive for practicality in any situation.

Team Emotorad

Idea of the company

The main idea of the business came up as to solve the ever-increasing energy need for vehicles. The driving force behind the zeal to achieve more through Innovation and gadgets. To achieve something which reduces energy produced. 

How does the company function?

The startup, with clients in 58 countries, is offering three models at present and aims to give commuters an environment-friendly and economical way of commuting. 

The initial customer

 EMotorad got its first customer set in the month of August last year that is in 2021.

 The sale of our first set of bikes ended up selling 1,200+ bikes in the first 40 days of launch.

Future plan of the company 

The startup will be working on a variety of new projects in the future era. Which will help the young generation to have stability. 

The startup is expanding its presence in the UAE 

  • Dubai, 
  • Abu Dhabi,
  • Sharjah, and
  • Oman

With the launch of two new products – Trible, a tri-fold e-bike; and Ener-G, a mini scooter for delivery, in September this year in 2022.

New application for better connectivity

EMotorad is also building a tracking and security app that will relay the data on the customer’s smartphone. 

The app will have:- 

  • An odometer reading 
  • trip meter
  • the voltage of the battery
  • battery status and 
  • calories burnt 

Much more. Just like our very own smartwatches, it will be easier to get access and get more specific and the point result. 

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What line of products and services does your company offer?

The company along with Power cell and E-cycle. 

  1. So the company EMotorad has launched a dual-suspension e-bike, touted to be India’s first, called EMX. It can achieve a maximum speed capacity of 28 km/hour and the model is capable of traveling a distance of 45 km on a single charge. 
  2. T-Rex is the second product. It was launched in January this year and has been designed keeping in mind rough Indian terrains.
  3.  The startup’s third product Doodle is a fat-tyre foldable e-bike, and this sustainable entity plans on going international in June.  

Let us know the prices of the product 

EMX, T-Rex, and Doodle are currently priced at Rs 54,990, Rs 38,990, and Rs 75,990, respectively. 

Let us know the Awards and recognition of the organization

  • Chunauti – Nextgen Startup challenge winner • “iHub” Govt of Gujarat incubated •
  • Recently presented the innovation at Digital India fair (July 2022), Govt of India

What was the initial funding of the company?

Initially funded and incubated under STPI, Govt of India scheme • Later funded by the angels and accelerators. 

Competition in the market 

The Indian e-bike market is moderately fragmented with the presence of a number of startups and companies such as 

  • Hero Cycles
  • Trek Bikes
  • GoZero, Giant Bicycles Co Ltd
  • Zadd Bikes
  • Eadicct Mobility Solutions and many others.

The competition is huge but the startup is trying to bring new products into the market scenario with less cost for better customer attraction.

When we asked Aditya Oza What advice would he want to give to future generations, if they want to open a start-up?

His response was – Try to find the gaps in our surroundings and create something innovative to fill that gaps. Thus switch over to your favorite E-cycle soon.

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