Reduce Stress by Surrounding Yourself With Positive Energy

When we talk about surroundings, we may be referring to a person’s geographical location, environment, or all the places they spend the most time in, or company they spend the most time with. Positive and negative are two abstract words to describe the energy of your surroundings. 

The human body is magnificently built in such a complicated way that it holds the ability to absorb energy from its surroundings. That is how our mood is instantly uplifted by being around positive people and can be easily down around people who we may get negative vibes from.

It is very crucial that we must surround ourselves with people and things that reflect how we want to be. After all, energy is contagious. If your environment is not doing you any good, just know that it is time to reposition yourself in a circle of ambitious minds and in an environment that pushes you to do better. 

What does it mean when we call a specific surrounding ‘positive’ or ‘negative’?

As it was stated before, your surroundings consist of the place you stay in, the people you surround yourself with, the things around you, your activities, geographical location, etc. If all of this or most of this motivates you to keep doing what you planned to or supports your journey and growth throughout, it is called a positive surrounding. 

A positive surrounding nurtures your talents and dreams and for the least, does not cause you any added stress that turns you away from your goals. A positive surrounding aids a good night’s sleep and you wake up looking forward to a better tomorrow.

A negative surrounding is filled with words and people that pull you down or hinder your growth. Generally, people in this type of surroundings find themselves around jealous people or people who use unfair ways to come up in their respective professional lines. This type of surrounding makes you feel worthless and hopeless. Your mental and physical health can be adversely affected if you spend too much time in such an environment.

What may be the reasons for our surroundings to get negative?

One can never fall short of sources that increase the amount of stress or negativity. It does not matter if you are a student, worker, or homemaker. Life’s endless struggles and tasks are enough to put any headstrong person in doubt and distress. It may be a person or people in general, a disheartening event, failure, or a cold environment, the sources that can spread negativity are plenty. 

Since the journey of life is all uphill, it is common for all the changes happening around us to affect what is happening within us. As the famous saying goes, 

Ships dont sink because of the water around them, ships sink because of the water that gets into them. Don’t let what is happening around you get inside of you.

It is a fact that such things are easier said than done. If everything around you is relentlessly working together and trying to dim your light, it takes a lot to keep shining on. However, what we can undoubtedly do is keep trying to get through it all, while we still can. 

How can I make my surroundings more positive?

We may not always have control over what is happening around us, but we can always try our hands and do little things that may improve what is happening within us.

Here are a few things I do when I feel I’m not in the best surrounding;

  1. Exercise

As physiotherapy students, a few words that we are taught to live by is ‘movement is medicine. We tell the same to our patients as well. Whether the ailment is physical, mental, or emotional. There is nothing that a peaceful walk or a little dance cannot help. 

It is scientifically proven that any form of exercise releases happy chemicals in your body that elevates your mood and helps you think clearly. This way you focus less on the negative and pay more heed to your goals.

  1. Spend your attention and energy only where it is valued or required

The only person and place you have control over are yourself and your mind.

If you know a certain person or a group of people are doing you more harm than good or not even being neutral, try your best to avoid them or spend the least time around them. 

Try to avoid negative thoughts or replaying stressful events inside your head. Try to think more about why you started what you are doing and any good that has happened on the way.

  1. Try to surround yourself with positive words, colors, and objects

Most people stay away from home for work or for studies. On bad days, we often remember our loved ones. Keeping their pictures or anything that reminds us of them is an instant mood changer, it gives us a reason to start over. 

Other than that, positive words on posters, bags, bottles, etc are handy little sources of positivity. It is also psychologically proven that colors like yellow and green have a positive or happy’ effect on our minds, blue calms you down and colors like gray leave you feeling dull and unmotivated.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Every individual has their own way of expressing gratitude. Some do it through prayers to the gods they believe in, some do it by thanking the forces of nature. Whatever your medium may be, it is important for us to be grateful for what we have received so that we value what we have and grow to be capable of receiving what we truly deserve. 

There was once an experiment done by school students where two saplings got the same amount of water, sun, and soil, but one plant was constantly showered with negative words. While the other plant grew, this plant died within a few days. This is the same effect negativity can have on us. 

Regardless of your potential and talents, a positive surrounding is very important for you to become the best version of yourself. In extreme situations, if making small changes in your environment does not make any difference, you must simply opt to change your environment instead.

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