Do Motivational Posters Really Work? Let’s Find Out!

Regardless of the city or country you are in, you will find posters everywhere, of all sorts. Inside houses, on the streets, on pillars, and even cars! Some posters may promote an event, some may give a message or some sort of motivation, some may speak for the likes of a person, etc. 

As Indians, I am sure we’re all familiar with old movie posters or missing banners that now play the part of a canvas for tobacco and paan stains. Each one serves its own purpose and has its own level of efficiency. 

We know from concerts and movies how well promotion posters work, but what about motivational posters? Do they work at all? Let us know it better.

What exactly are motivational posters?

Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

– Albert Einstein

Motivational posters serve the purpose of permitting or pushing an individual to imagine what they can achieve and everything else that they are capable of doing. They aim at uplifting one’s mood and encourage one to start peddling towards their dream destination, aka goal in life.

Motivational posters usually contain a message in the form of quotes along with a unique picture or art that supports the statement made in it. They are generally quite colorful and are designed in a way that they can quickly grab the attention of the bypasser. People usually choose to keep motivational posters in study rooms, bedrooms, and workplaces, where motivation is most needed.  

Who would need or use motivational posters?

No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of work you do for a living, motivation is something every single person needs lifelong and we all are equally capable of being deprived of it. A house with young children needs motivation for them to keep trying hard to learn the basics. 

Young parents, office workers, businessmen, artists, students, teachers, and even preachers need the motivation to carry on all their functions and make their way through the difficulties of life. Generically speaking, we would say motivational posters are mostly used by students, artists, institutions, and work areas.

What impact can a motivational poster make on the viewer?

Think of yourself as someone who admires mountain climbers, but you are too afraid to go on an adventure. Now suddenly you get to hear that a youngster of your age who is from your own hometown, has managed to climb Mount Everest! 

How does that make you feel? Maybe not Everest, but I’m sure you have now thought of starting trekking, you have developed thoughts like “wish that was me, making all those headlines”, or “if he/she can do it, so can I”. 

This is the effect that a motivational poster can have on you. From feeling like a nobody to feeling like you can become someone, from thinking you are incapable to believing you can do it. It holds the ability to inject you with self-belief and pulls you up from a low phase.

What are the differences that putting up a motivational poster possibly makes?

An instant and the most noticeable difference is from sleeping in a room with empty walls to waking up to something good to read. As the famous Hindi saying goes “shuruaat sahi, toh sab sahi”. Meaning, all is well that ends well. 

If your day starts right, then it is a sure thing that it may end right as well. Waking up each day with a positive thought and a wave of new energy braces you to face the challenges brought in by the new day.

Speaking in general, most of us choose to listen to sad music whenever we feel low, and to some dance number when the heart is filled with joy. It’s because doing this makes you feel like there is someone out there who has or is feeling the same as you. 

Motivational posters work with the same psychology of relatability. Reminding you that it’s normal to feel or be where you are, BUT it is not okay to stay that way. After all, if you think you are in hell, why would you stop there? Keep walking and move out of it!

The myth that motivational posters are only for educational purposes and institutes is widespread and completely wrong. Motivation and upliftment are something that we need lifelong at every step of our lives. They undoubtedly make a difference and have a positive impact on our lives.

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