Comfort Zones are going to make your life hell: Time to zone out

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From a 16 year ambitious student who is pondering about the most ideal approach to start his/her profession, the 45-year-old office fellow who fears striking out all alone, and anybody Standing on the edge of taking a chance at making their dreams a reality.

Success and failure are like two poles that are separated by the vast ocean of knowledge, experience, courage, persistence, and determination (basics for any aspiring individual). One can only take a giant leap from south to north or vice versa by implementing the basics. And this is 100 % true, as there’s no doubt with fundamentals but at the same time if you talk about some exceptionally successful people they always add some new dimensions.

Finding success is like trying to enter an exclusive nightclub. There are two main paths: the first door, where everyone waits in line and hopes to get in, and the second door, where the VIP’s effortlessly slip through.

What most people don’t realize is there’s always a third door. It may be sneaking through the cracked window in the back or the kitchen, but whatever it is, it will take resourcefulness and guts. This, Alex Banayan explains in this book “The Third Door”, is what successful people do.

One incident happened during the ’80s when an organization called MITS launched the world’s first smaller Mini Computer, Bill Gates, and his accomplice offered them to Sell Software to run it. In the wake of hearing nothing back, they were too frightened to even consider following up. Inevitably, Gates got over his incapacitating apprehension and decided to call. Had he not gulped his self-question, he probably won’t be the very rich person he is today.

Take away lessons from this incident? Get out of your comfort zone!

Here are my takeaways from this wonderful book:

1️⃣ Unless you get out of your comfort zone, nothing will take place. No dreams will convert into reality.

2️⃣ Success requires persistence and a lot of determined efforts, but in the right manner/way.

3️⃣ Create your own rules or path to approach “the right third door”

Everybody want success but few realize taking the right actions at the right moment. Be that one who will knock on the door before the other, that will make all the difference.

There’s much more you can learn from this masterpiece, I would highly recommend this book.

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Author – Gulshan Memoria

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