7 Reasons Why You Should Write A Postcard

For anyone who is confused, postcards are little rectangular cards without an envelope with a logo or any sort of illustration on the side used to send a message to someone. Yes, we all have seen that a lot of times inside the mailboxes in cartoons like Tom and Jerry from the 90s.

The earliest practice of writing postcards seems to have started somewhere dating back to the 1800s! In those golden times when all the writing and artistic illustrations were not printed but done manually by the sender himself. Imagine the amount of dedication and emotions those self-made postcards would hold. 

I keep all of my letters, postcards, and thank you notes. I’ll keep them forever!

– Jane Levy

In this new era of developing technology, emails and instant text messages have taken over all means of communication and expression. In spite of being easy to use and quick in delivery and response, they lack the emotional value and thoughtfulness that postcards contain. Here are a few reasons we must keep the practice of postcard writing alive.

  1. The Perfect Way To Tell Someone What You Have To Say

We all have a lot of things on our minds that we want to say but don’t find the right time or an appropriate way to. It may be a huge thank you for something little but significant someone did for you, it may be an apology that has been heavy in your heart for quite some time, or a simple message to let someone know something.

Postcards are a unique and very convincing medium to do so. An average email or a huge text message will not do the trick that a thoughtful postcard can do.

  1. Makes You Stand Out From The Rest

In the olden days, postcard writing used to be the fastest and the most frequently used medium to send someone a message. Not only did it have an emotional touch but it was also fun to write. In today’s date when everything is mindlessly typed in an email or text, postcard writing is a distinct and classic practice that will not only make you seem different from the rest but also

 impress any receiver regardless of who they are.

  1. Shows That You Care

We all know how much thought, energy, or effort is put into those text messages filled with abbreviations. Emails on the other hand are usually preferred for formal use and are written within three to four lines, with the replies being the same way.

Writing a postcard requires more time and thought. It makes the receiver feel important and gives the impression that you hold them at a certain place and you care about them.

  1. Can Be Preserved And Kept For Years Long

A postcard is something that any receiver would want to keep safe. It was a custom or normal practice for people to store all the postcards they had received during their lifetime so that they can look back and remember. This is because of the emotional value that postcards showcase.

Modern-day text messages and emails get lost along the way as the conversation continues or the inbox gets filled up. They are not something that one can preserve and cherish.

  1. Is An Interesting Stress Reliever 

The fast working life today demands a lot from us, making life quite hectic. With a hectic schedule comes a lot of stress. Writing a postcard can help you dampen all the stress that has been weighing you down.

Does not matter if you’re not much of an artist or writer, the half an hour you put into digging into your creative side will divert your mind from the never-ending list of worries and helps you zone out and focus on this one little task. The more time you are able to take out, the more postcards you can write. The more postcards you write, the more smiles you can spread!

  1. Postcards Can Act As Chronicles For Your Travel History

Might sound very cinematic but the idea was stolen by someone for sure. If you are someone who likes to travel and explore places, one favor you can do yourself is send yourself a postcard from every country or city you have visited. Since postcards can be in the form of a picture postcard and so on, you have your own way of sending yourself a souvenir that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

  1. For The Joy Of Keeping The Art Of Postcard Writing Alive

Postcards are usually unexpected. The amount of joy that a receiver gets on receiving one is immeasurable. Postcards are often given as gifts, and what makes them different from other gifts is that they are the gifts that keep giving.

They bring on a smile when we look at them first while reading the message on it and even years later when we look back at them. The feeling of happiness that they bring remains the same. For such a beautiful practice to exist, we must keep it alive by writing postcards whenever we can!

Another plus point about postcards is that they can be personalized. If you know the receiver well, you can choose an appropriate color and pattern for their taste. This little practice of telling someone what you want to and bringing a smile to their face screams out many reasons why it should be kept alive!

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