5 Major Reasons – Why You Should Become A Morning Person

I am one hundred percent sure we are all familiar with the proverb, “Early to bed, early to rise – makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” but how many of us have been able to abide by it by will and without being forced? I’m sure the number might be very small. Going to bed early is an easy task but don’t all of us just hate early mornings?

The ring of the alarm is such a bummer, how can one talk about starting the day right when they have not had the right and required amount of sleep? As difficult as it may seem, for numerous reasons, becoming a morning person is essential to living a healthy and successful life. 

Trying hard but still not able to become a morning person? Here are a few reasons that may push you to try harder!

  1. You’ll have more energy and more time to exercise

I know I’m envious of those that get up early, put on their adorable Gym outfits, and work out in the morning. You know you’re capable of being that person; all you need is a little motivation. Working out on a daily basis benefits your physical and mental health, which can help you enjoy your days more.

“My favorite part of the day is going to the gym in the morning. It sets the tone for a productive day, and knowing that I’ve already worked out makes me feel better later,” said someone who I was never able to relate. I did wake up and go to the gym early morning for a month and saw my system and skin cooperating, but then the universe plotted against my dreamy fit body and hit the world with the covid pandemic. I am still looking for motivation to start over.

Because there are fewer distractions and valid reasons to cancel your workout in the morning, it is the best time to exercise. You also don’t have the chance to make excuses saying you don’t work out because there is not enough time in the day.

  1. More amount of productivity

Morning people are more productive than night owls for a variety of reasons. What was the first one? Simply put, early birds have more energy and hence have more time to accomplish their goals.

This semester, my goal is to go to bed early so I can wake up early and get a head start on my work.” I’d like to increase my productivity..says my classmate, who was ranked 2nd in my batch last year, aims to bag 1st place this year and believes that waking up early will be her remedy.

Vruddhi Shetty – Student – Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from NITTE, Karnataka

Early risers benefit from consistent sleep habits since they have more energy and spend less time surfing Instagram reels at 3 a.m. Their sleep schedules give them the stamina to get through a whole day of class and assignments without needing to postpone.

  1. You feel more satisfied

Consider this scenario: you finished not one, but two YouTube video ab workouts, washed and blow-dried your hair, ate a hearty and healthy breakfast and even took a quick class quiz. You look down at your phone, which displays 11 a.m. while holding your very ordinary dining hall coffee in one hand and your textbook in the other. In half an hour, your first lesson of the day will begin, and you will have completed everything you set out to do. If that doesn’t seem like a fulfilling morning to you, I’m not sure what does. It doesn’t seem so enticing today to roll out of bed 10 minutes before addressing your professor with nothing in your stomach.

  1. You won’t have to rush through the entire day

Every now and again, we all feel the stress of waking up late and hurrying to get everything ready for a day of courses. It screws up your entire morning, which, in turn, messes up the rest of your day. You may even discover that you are lacking textbooks or other key school items that you require in order to study. Some people, including myself, get into the habit of getting up late a little too often and experiencing this stress.

If you get up early, you avoid the morning rush and may take your time getting ready for the day. A stress-free morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.

  1. Spend most time with people who matter the most

Getting up before the sun also means getting up ahead of your roommates or family. You can use this time in the morning to self-reflect, journal, and organize your day.

Increased alone time improves emotional intelligence, reduces stress, and increases overall happiness.

It might take forever for you to become a morning person, but it is worth all the struggle and time.

Mornings are ideal for either getting your daily dose of self-love or getting down to business. Remember to take some time out of your day for yourself, whether you’re resting and enjoying your morning coffee or drinking it to get all of your job done. There will be no interruptions or unwanted visitors!

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